Four-days E-Workshop on “Developing Communication Skills: Challenges and Strategies”

The E-Workshop was jointly organized and conducted on 22, 23, 29 & 30 April 2022 by the Directorate of Distance Education and Department of English with 8 eminent resource persons for the benefit of the distance education students. Prof. Chennupati K. Ramaiah, the Director, DDE, welcomed and Prof. Gurmeet Singh, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Pondicherry University inaugurated the E-Workshop on Developing Communication Skills: Challenges and Strategies.

Inauguration video link:

Resource Persons            Topics YouTube link
Dr. V. K. Karthika The Business of Reading and the Socratic Seminar
Dr. Monishita Hajra Pande Reading strategies for Effective Communication
Dr. Soni Joseph Active Listening: A Powerful Communication Tool for Entrepreneurs
Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra Listening for Workplace Success
Dr. Anand Mahanand Effective Presentation Skills
Dr. Arularasi P. The Dynamics of Group Discussions and Multiple Skills
Dr. Sugi G. Effective Business Communication:  Emails
Ms. Angel Sebastian Communicating to the Employer: Resume Writing
The theme of the Workshop The relevance of the English language in today’s world cannot be stressed enough. At the same time, the ability to use English in a proficient manner is a grey area as far as several non-native users of this language are concerned. As learners and teachers alike focus on the academic curriculum, the scope for developing communication skills often takes a back seat in the classroom. The Learners realize the consequence of this very late as they step into the workplace. The gap between the importance of English and the ability of learners to use this language effectively is quite wide.

The E-Workshop on “Developing Communication Skills: Challenges and Strategies” is an attempt at bridging that gap, in however little a manner as possible. Through talks by eminent resource persons, this workshop aims at providing strategies and suggestions, which if applied by learners in a sustained manner, can go a long way in enabling them to communicate in English in an efficient manner. The workshop would focus on different areas related to communication skills like group discussions, presentation skills, soft skills, etc. in addition to the four basic language skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing.