Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)

As suggested by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB), the Directorate of Distance Education, Pondicherry University has established Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) to oversee the quality of the Programme offered under Open and Distance Learning. In this regard, CIQA, DDE formed to oversee the followings:

  1. To maintain quality in the service provided to the students.
  2. To ensure continuous improvements in the overall operations of the DDE.
  3. To identify the key areas in which the DDE should maintain quality.
  4. To develop mechanism for interaction and collecting of feedback from various departments and stakeholders of the DDE.
  5. To conduct regular meeting and discuss all the problems for the qualitative improvement of the DDE Programme.
  6. To ensure the implementations of its recommendations through regular monitoring.
  7. To ensure participation of all stakeholders including learners, teachers, staff, parents, society, employers, and government in quality improvement process.
  8. To prepare Programme based Project Report and also ensure launch of new Programme(s).
  9. Collection, collation and dissemination of accurate, complete and reliable statistics about the quality of the Programme(s).