The Alumni Association is the recognized body of the DDE, Pondicherry University based on the UGC (DEB) guidelines.


Membership of the Alumni association shall be granted to all the graduates of the DDE, Pondicherry University.


To promote and encourage engagement with all members of the Alumni Association in the on-going life of the DDE; to develop in a mutually beneficial way the relationship that alumni have with the DDE and each other; and actively support the strategic goals of the University.


  • To create an informed body of advocates for the DDE
  • To facilitate networking professional development opportunity for our alumni.
  • To take responsibility for sustaining lifelong relationship and communication with the alumni community
  • To celebrate with the DDE, the achievements of our alumni and seek to inspire the next generation of DDE, PU graduates.
  • To support the current student population and promote access to careers advice, support and mentoring
  • To aid and actively support the DDE, PU in its philanthropist and other fundraising activities.

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